Milton Perrin /

Free Isn’t Free

I’ve been around advertising and marketing a long time. Free is still the best hook by far. I think most people know there’s no free lunch, but it gives you an incentive to do what you want to do anyway. It’s like those car ads, $5,000 cash back! How does that work?

I ‘ve got Google Chrome and Google Earth on my computer – very good applications. I use Google Analytics. It’s all “free.” But there’s a cost in there somewhere. GoogleSoftwareUpdateDaemons are always trying to phone home. Most people probably don’t know or don’t care, but it’s unsettling since it happens many, many times a day. They can’t be wanting to update an application 10 times a day. The queries come in many forms, going to different intended destinations.¬†Though I’m not particularly the paranoid type, there’s more in there than just trying to keep my couple applications up to date …

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