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A Life in a Box of Slides – Who is This Woman?

mystery-womanI check craigslist periodically for fun, looking for odd photo gear, art supplies or whatever. A while ago I saw a post for “Box of Slides $5.” Curiosity got the best of me and I replied. I met a young woman in downtown Tucson with a cardboard box and a jumble of slides. I handed over a fiver and went home to find a box of memories from the distant past. Michigan football games from the sixties, world travels and life events. I’m most intrigued by the images of the woman shown – it appears to be “the daughter.” The dress, the tiara, the admiring friend, the dainty pose of the hands. If she’s still alive she’s getting up there by now. In retrospect I should have asked the young woman where she got it but I didn’t think of it at the time. Maybe she led a charmed life, I hope so.

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