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Charity Ends at Home

I’m not a rich guy. I do try to give a few bucks here and there to causes I think are doing some good. By and large I think they are. What’s very, very annoying now is that as soon as you toss them a bone they come right back to the trough. Big Data must tell them once you’ve got ’em statistically it’s best to pound away. Then there’s the gifts. Calendars, address labels, backpacks, mugs, CDs, it goes on and on. I feel my contributions are coming back to me in dribbles and drips. Then they tell all their friends and related charities come stuffing the mailbox. Please oh please keep the contribution and leave me alone for a while. A nice letter or email, say, quarterly is fine and not obnoxious. If you give the homeless guy a few bucks it might not be spent in the best way but at least it’s direct and he doesn’t have my email address.

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